Recognizing when RM8 has multiple windows open

Suppose I have a couple of RM8 databases open, using a machine with a single monitor, and with both databases open full screen. I’m on Windows instead of Mac in case it matters. Suppose I walk away from my computer and return to it in a few hours.

If at that point I can’t remember that I actually have two RM8 databases open, is there any visual cue available to give me a clue unless I think to hit F5 a few times to see what happens? What I think of as the typical Windows level tools such as Alt-Tab provide no indication that two Windows are open.

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Ignoring the previously mentioned Cascade windows, Show windows stacked and Show windows side by side… the clear and obvious revealer is the Restore down button in the far upper right corner ( square icon between - and x icons) …the intended antidote to your “both databases open full screen” scenario.

I frequently have multiple windows open for hours at a time, and not just in RM. The simplest way to remind myself of what’s open is just to hit ALT+TAB, and keep your thumb on ALT while letting go of TAB. There are all your open windows, displayed in a row.

I use Alt-Tab all the time. It works fine for most apps, but not for RM8.

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The restore down button works, and maybe that’s the only thing to do. That’s why I made sure to say that both of my RM8 windows were open full screen. But the restore button has the same problem in that I have to know to suspect that I might have two windows open or I wouldn’t even know to try it. I think F5 and restore down both solve the problem in pretty much the same way. What seems missing to me is any visual cue that the two windows even exist.

I confess I didn’t know the restore down button was called restore down. I use it all the time in all kinds of apps, but I think of it as mediumize because that’s what it does in contrast to the minimize button and the maximize button.

Yes, there is none (for now) …but, that is no impediment. In your contrived scenario, one has to and can only do the binary choice of opening one they believe is not open or closing the one they believe to be the only one open. At that point, there is no longer any wonder. .

On a mac you always have multiple windows open in multliple programs.
A simple swipe up shows all open programs with their respective windows. A simple swipe down shows all open windows for the program you are currently in. RM8 works fine on mac this way.

I’m a Windows user. It’s actually not hard to use multiple windows in RM8 on Windows. But they don’t work quite the same in RM8 as with all the other software I run that supports multiple windows on Windows.

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If you right click on the Windows taskbar and select properties, there is an option dropdown for the taskbar buttons. The default is always combine and hide labels but if you set them to never combine, you should see a button for each window. It works in the world of correctly functioning Windows compatible software but not necessarily in RM of course!

The “never combine” option in the Windows Taskbar definitely does NOT work for RM8. Neither does the Alt-Tab function to cycle through your windows. Multiple RM8 windows all look like one window to the Windows user and it’s very difficult for a user to manage multiple RM8 windows.

That must be a real problem. I am always swiping up to see all my apps and windows open on my mac to see where I am and close ones no longer needed.