RM8 "Show Relative Events" feature and Family Search link

When researching my wife’s grandfather, who had two wives, I had checked the “Show Relative Events” boxes on all. It is a great feature to grasp the “big picture” of how each of the lives interacted! However, when I shifted to FamilySearch to assure facts, etc. were recorded there, it had tagged the second wife with the “Too young to have children” alert, because the Family Search record of the second wife was populated with the “Relative” data as though it was hers. Upon opening the Marriage info box for the grandfather and second wife, all marriage fact entries for the grandfather were displayed, hence causing the flag for the second wife since the first marriage and divorce were shown, matching the RM8 profile of the second wife. However, in RM8 it is clearly shown that it is a fact relating to her husband and the first wife with no “Too young” alert for the second wife. (I corrected the entries in FamilySearch.)

I’m really confused as to how the information shown in the ‘Edit Individual’ window, when the “show relative events” box is checked, has any effect on the information displayed by Family Search?? Whether on the FamilySearch website, or in the “Family Search person tools” window on RM, neither should be showing the “relative events” as being attached to the actual file on Family Search.
For me, there is no difference in information displayed in the “Family Search person tools” window, whether or not I have “show relative events” enabled. I must be missing something in your explanation.

Responding to your question: In Help, RM8, The RootsMagic Interface, Pages, The Public Page, Sharing data with Family Search, Activating FamilySearch Family Tree Features: When this is activated, RM8 will compare its records with FamilySearch in the background and populate the profile of the matched person at FamilySearch with the data from the RM8 profile which now includes the “relative” data. Your second sentence statement is the way it should be, which is my point.

If that’s really a feature, that is one scary, over-powered feature! RM8, or any other genealogy software, should never just do a blanket upload of all data to FamilySearch, IMO! Are you saying that this is what your RM8 software is doing, without you selecting any items to upload?

From the RM8 Wiki, the AutoMatch feature should only populate your RM database with FSID#s. Nothing else should automatically be flowing between your file and the FamilyTree website.
" * The AutoMatch button tells RootsMagic to scan FamilySearch looking for matches for each person in your database. While RootsMagic will match up the person in your file with the record on FamilySearch, no data will be exchanged between RootsMagic and FamilySearch. Due to the speed (or lack thereof) of FamilySearch, the AutoMatch can take quite some time for a large database (but is still way faster than matching one person at a time manually). If you stop (or cancel) the AutoMatch, RootsMagic will retain all the automatic matches made up to that point (so you won’t lose any matches which were made before you cancelled)."

Using the “FamilySearch Person Tools” interface in RM8, you should be able to share data back and forth, but only those items that you specifically select.
" 2. [Share data] - Once a RootsMagic person has been matched to a person on FamilySearch Family Tree, you may compare the two and exchange information between RootsMagic and FamilySearch."