Person View - Show relative events option

When I choose this option (Show relative events) above the wife’s list of facts, I see her husband’s Birth-Spouse and Death- Spouse facts. When I choose this option in the husband’s list of facts, I don’t see his wife’s birth or death facts, although I do see Birth-Child facts. Does anyone know why this is the case? Thanks.

That feature is flawed in its incompleteness of potential. By its name, You have surmised that perhaps all siblings, wives, children (and perhaps even parents) might be in its results (ie. “relatives”). That is not the case. Apparently, the functionality merely represents those whose event dates occur during the lifespan of the selected individual (ie. “relative to”). Siblings, and wives born prior to the individual (or siblings born after individual’s death) are not in the results (nor parent events outside same lifespan).