Marriage - Mother Birth - Sibling etc

How do i add one of these hyphenated facts?

What do you mean by a hyphenated fact?

I suspect you are referring to relative events. Whether or not these events are displayed depends upon the “Show relative events” check box setting in the ‘Edit Person’ window. You create these events as ‘Facts’ for the person and they will show up when viewing family members. The types of events displayed can be controlled somewhat from the ‘Options’ settings in the ‘Edit Person’ window. For more info see the RM8 wiki re:Editing a person

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in the fact column it shows things for the person listed and also reltive events such as Birth - Child, Birth - Sibling, etc. How does one add such facts/events to a person’s file? when I click on add a fact none of these show up as choices.

You don’t directly add them to a person. Rootsmagic looks at the relatives such as kids and it adds the facts on its own. I am not certain which specific relative facts appear but in the case you suggest, RM figured out that the person had siblings so it grabbed their birthdate, and the person had kids, so it grabbed the birthdate. If you go to the sibling or kids, those facts will be just plain old birth facts. The sibling and child get added so that they stand apart from the persons own facts.