Multiple fact entries show up related to the same fact

parents show up as a couple; below that entry shows for “father”
marriage - sibling shows the couple’s names then another marriage-sibling entry shows up with only the sibling name. Is this how it’s supposed to be? or can I remove the one with the single name?

Can you provide a screen shot illustrating what you are referring to, so we do not misunderstand?

I’m not 100% sure, but I believe that what you are referring to is the RM8 feature in the Edit Person screen to display events for other family members. If that’s the case, there is a check box at the top of the left panel called Show Relative Events that you can uncheck to turn the feature off.

Also, the feature can be selective and can show some relative events and not others. To make such a selection, click the THREE DOTS icon in the upper right corner of the left panel of Edit Person. You can click on Options… and then check or uncheck any of Show Parent Events, Show Sibling Events, Show Child Events, and Show Spouse Events.

There is also a checkbox for Show Shared Events that you can check or uncheck, but Show Shared Events is its own thing and is not under control the main Show Relative Events checkbox.

This is a very nice feature and it’s not really new in RM8. The same feature in RM7 was called the Timeline View. What is new in RM8 is that the old Timeline View function from RM7 has now been combined into the Show Relative Events option in RM8’s Edit Person screen. Take note that those relative facts can be edited and even deleted without having to switch over to the Edit Person screen for the relative.

I’m sure that a significant number of RM8 users like this Show Relative Events feature and leave it enabled at all times. As I said, it’s a very nice feature. But as a sample size of one, I find that enabling Show Relative Events makes my Edit Person screen very cluttered and hard to look at so I leave the feature disabled at all times. I don’t mind the feature being there because I can disable it for myself and because I know that it can be a benefit for many RM8 users.

The feature is enabled by default when you create a new RM8 database. So I have disable the feature every time I make a new RM8 database.


Yep. Turn off the Show Relative Events checkbox.

Another thing you could try that you might or might not like better is to click on the THREE DOTS menu in the Edit Person screen and turn off the option called Display Description / Relation On A Separate Row In Cell. That option is enabled by default. I’m a sample size of one, but I think that the Edit Person screen is a lot harder to use when that option is enabled. If you turn the option off and don’t like the result, just turn it back on. And any time you make a new database, the option will be back on for that database. That’s fine if you like the option, but if you don’t like the option then you will need to turn it off each time you make a new database.

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