RM8 Pedigree Chart not editable; RM7 is

A Pedigree Chart from RM7, saved as RTF, could be edited in MS Word, e.g., this screenshot in which elements have been removed, Alexandrina Victoria’s text box has been filled, Alexandra of Denmark’s text has been coloured and another text box is open for editing. Just some examples of what you can do when incorporating the chart into a document.

However, the chart area in the DOCX file from RM8 is purely an image so you can only do image editing. It is a transparent image so you can lay a background but that’s about all.

Initially, the chart area in the RM7 RTF is treated like an image but, via the right-click> grouping > ungroup you get the option to convert it to a Microsoft Drawing Object which then gives access to all the line and text box elements that make it up. Things can get hairy because there are so many of them but, nonetheless, you can do useful things.

So this is one more feature, albeit undocumented, of RM7 missing from RM8 that I wish to see restored in 8. I have used it to produce a story that could not accommodate the standard RM Pedigree Chart report (the story was limited to 2 pages).