Pedigree Chart with background image or graphics

OK, so how do I print a chart like this, which is from the RM website and hence what a buyer would expect to be easy to replicate?
Cannot find any prior thread for RM8.
My Pedigree Chart looks a little different and I cannot find any way to change or remove the superfluous text or to add an image.
Looked on the Help, nothing helpful there.

Our Pedigree Chart looks like this

Perhaps said buyer should look at the Ancestor Chart (not the Pedigree chart) option and experiment with all of the page options that it gives them!

That was created using Charts (large format), Ancestor Chart with user selected background image.

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You are a star, I missed the background when I looked through the option.

RM didn’t provide background images to choose from, just let the user select from their own. That’s a nice tree that you found.