RM7 Publish suddenly fails to display main photo on frontpage?

RM7 Publish to sites.rootsmagic.com suddenly started failing to displaying photo on frontpage, even though I have ‘Display photo before Introduction’ checkbox checked. I’ve re-published, unchecked & unchecked previously noted setting, made sure the photo exists in Media Gallery with root person checked as ‘primary photo for this person’ add nauseum. When I look at index.html page, I see that necessary tag pointing to photo is missing:
img src=“data/media/1000000000-normal.jpg” width=“600” hspace=“150”
It seems that something has changed recently on the server side that removes this tag during publish action, because I know it was working properly just a couple of months ago.

What am I doing wrong or what needs to be done to restore this feature so photo displays on frontpage properly?


Try deleting the existing website and upload it again.

Well glory be, I hadn’t thought of trying that. As soon as I did, Viola! it worked!!

Thank you Renee, you’re a genius!!


This procedure seems to solve all manner of problems. I wonder if it would be possible for the Publish procedure always to do a Delete then Add sequence rather than doing a Replace? In theory, a Replace should accomplish the same thing, but obviously it doesn’t.