MyRootsMagic Not Publishing Webpage

I sent a tree out to a MyRootsMagic and received the message ‘The page you were looking for doesn’t exist’. Has this service been discontinued?

I’m using the arrow link from RootsMagic so I don’t think that it’s a spelling issue. A tree I published in 2015 is missing as well.

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere, I did a search and didn’t find a response.



Are you using RM7? If so, there is an issue in RM7 when you click on the View (magnifier) icon to launch the website. It is not redirecting to the correct domain. This can only be fixed by an update which will not happen since RM7 is no longer being updated. If you click on the Website settings (gears) icon it will take you to the website. If you remove everything after the website name and starting with admin in the URL that is what you can share with others.

If you created the website using RM6 you won’t see it in the list of websites you have. You can transfer it over to RM7 & RM8 style but it won’t be editable. The URL for the RM7 & 8 websites are slightly different.

I should have given more info in my original post.

RootsMagic v8.1.8.0 (17 Mar 2022) registered.
Windows 10 Pro - latest iteration - the number is too long to type.

The site address is:

Thoughts anyone

Remove the s in https: and you will see it.

Perfect, thank you very much. HTTPS Everywhere was sending it to the secure site automatically. Once I disabled it the site came up. Again, thank you.