RM10 Upgrade Caution

My main file was lost when upgrading from 9 to 10. For me this is not a problem as I frequently download from Ancestry. For others this might be problem if they do not have a backup.

Did you make a copy first? that is what you should do to maintain both

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As @kevync1985 said you need to make a copy before importing into RM 10 BUT if you did NOT , you can either make a gedcom of the RM 10 file and open it in RM 9 ( you MIGHT encounter some loss this way) or do a RESTORE FROM BACK-UP— a drag and drop will not work

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Do you mean it was deleted? OR you can’t open in v9? First I’ve heard that it was lost as 10 just converts your existing file. I would contact support and let them know exactly what steps you took.