Is RM10 an Overwrite of RM9?

Confused. I had read here that when you install RM10 and it gets to the “old program detected” dialog, that you could say “no” to keep the other installs. I did that. I had RM7 and RM9 on my machine. I’m having no problem getting my still existing RM7 files to open in RM7. I really only have one file I’m still working in RM7, bacause it’s huge and I’m afraid of what all is going to get messed up if I convert up. Good so far. But if I try to open an RM9 file, whether by clicking on it directly or by opening RM9, searching for the file and opening from there, nothing will open in RM9. It wants to convert it into RM10 instead and launches that instead. Now, I can live with this if I have to - convert all my RM9 files to RM10 - but this seems contrary to what I thought would happen.

You should be able to open all your files in RM 9 as long as you have NOT CONVERTED them to an RM 10 file-- Once converted, you will NOT be able to OPEN that file in RM 9 IF YOU DID NOT convert the RM 9 file to an RM 10 file by using a COPY of the file

you need to make a copy before importing any file into RM 10 BUT if you did NOT , you can either make a gedcom of the RM 10 file and open it in RM 9 ( you MIGHT encounter some loss this way) or do a RESTORE FROM BACK-UP— a drag and drop will not work

I did not convert any of my RM9 files to RM10. They still show in their file location with the RM9 icon and extension. But if I try to launch one, it will try to open in RM10.

I am NOT having that problem when I use RM 9 and try to open a RM 9 file-- I do have that problem if I am in RM 10 and try to open a RM 9 file-- maybe try rebooting your computer-- you MIGHT try downloading RM 9 again as maybe it messed up something in the download of RM 10

How are you trying to “launch one”? Launch v9 and open the file. If you launch v10 and select the v9 database it will convert it. So make a copy of your v9 databases before you convert them.

Per original message, I’ve done that and it still wants to go to RM10 and convert the file.

LOL it didn’t start at your 1st msg but the last one so I didn’t see your original post.

So check out the File Association to see if it has v10 associated with .rmtree rather then v9.

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First, you can not just click on a file to open it. This functionality went away as of version 8. Second, both RM9 and 10 both use the .rmtree extension. It sounds to me like you did remove 9 regatdless of what you wanted to do, or you have converted your 9 files to 10, even if you didnt mean to. I am sure you probably have a good backup routine. So if 9 is indeed still installed, try restoring a backup as a test.