I have RM 7 and RM 9 will the RM 7 database convert better directly from 7 to 10 or via 9?

I decided after a disastrous experience with 8 to upgrade my paternal tree to RM 9 (from RM 7) and get used to its quirks before upgrading my much larger maternal tree. Currently my maternal tree is still in RM 7 for a multitude of reasons including the fact that it was originally imported from a FTM file and needs a lot of cleanup.

I really want to use RM 10’s new DNA features and would like to know what people think is the best way to upgrade my RM 7 file.

Is it best to upgrade straight from RM 7 to RM 10? I want to avoid as much data loss or corruption as I can.
Should I try to clean up my database as much as possible before converting? There are a lot of places for example that have other data in them such as census or registration details due to historic conversion issues within FTM.


If it is already in RM7 you should be able to convert directly into RM10 without corruption or data loss.


If you are going to be buying RM10 anyway, I would do so and import your version 7 file into it. Keep doing your work in RM7 and when you get the time, start poking about in RM10 to explore the new stuff and look at the changes. Basically use that as a play file, or test file, whatever you want to call it. When you come to grips with RM10 and decide you feel OK about it, then ditch the play file and pull in your latest RM7 file and start your work.

In the case of my datafiles, I will never start work in a new version until I have thoroughly test it out with a copy of my production file, which is why I am still using RM7. I have found RM7-10 lacking all though RM10 actually has the DNA match stuff which I do find possibly useful.

Unfortunately in order to kick the ties on RM10, one has to buy it since the DNA match stuff is not in the Essentials version.

Just a thought. Perhaps it would be better to merge your paternal and maternal trees before working on DNA in RM10. I still think RM7 is an easier program to use, so you might want to do needed editing in it before moving on to the latest version. I still maintain my primary database in RM7, imported it first to RM9, then a few days ago imported the RM7 one to RM10. I use the later two to access the FamilySearch features which were lost with the new FamilySearch/RM login procedures. You will find a learning curve to RM 10 just as you did to versions 8 and 9. I find the new procedures for entering sources for particular events quite frustrating.

RM10 will convert a RM7 file directly as KFunk said.

However I suggest you uninstall RM8 and 9 before installing RM10.

I installed RM10 on my mac expecting it to replace RM9 as usual but it did not. Since RM9 and 10 apparently use some common files I had to uninstall all parts of both 9 and 10 and then fresh install 10 to be sure removing just 9 did not damage files needed by 10.

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That was my plan - with RM8 I never got past the play file, but with RM9 I liked what I saw so one of my databases is “live” with 9.

The problem with this is that the maternal file was originally created by my mother and aunt starting in the 1980s and so it is huge and also has quite a lot of data that is in the wrong places due to it starting life as a very early FTM file and then going through several upgrades before it was passed to me and I imported it into RM7. It is huge and as an example has places that were originally entered as bmd registrations or census details. Even worse are the “see notes” entries where the actual data was lost I have had bad experiences trying to merge files both on ancestry and on RM where I end up with duplicates and in particular the family facts such as marriage do not merge properly

In contrast my paternal line was created by me directly into RM 7 so although it has issues where I didn’t understand the consequences of using the database in certain ways eg Family fact types versus Shared facts, it is in a much cleaner state.

Also on Ancestry I have merged my trees down to the paternal and maternal lines (I originally had trees at the grandparent level) This experience was not one I wish to repeat…
have tested both my parents, so my mother’s DNA is on the tree for her ancestral line and my father’s is on his. I find this clearer when trying to figure out how a match fits within the family.

That worries me a little as I planned to initially keep using RM7 and RM9 - believe me RM8 was zapped long ago!

You don’t have to get rid of RM7 or / and RM 9-- the choice is yours–after you download and as it is starting to install, you will get a message that says something like we detect any version of RootsMagic-- we suggest you let us uninstall it-- say NO and you will be god to go–1st time I’ve ever noticed this message…

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All the conversations have been helpful. I have not been using my current RM 7 for years and now I’m tackling genealogy again, but with a new Mac desktop. My RM7 version will not open. I get the message, “Apple can’t check for malicious software!” But, Safari message says it has downloaded 7. I’m not sure where, but imagine I should try and delete it if stored somewhere. I’m not real savvy, so appreciate help. I will follow your recommendations to purchase RM10. I have 13 Family Files and I know I will have to import them all separately. I am fearful about loosing contents of RM7 on old Mac, but I only have room for one computer! Will RM10 import my photos and notes? I have one “play” file, I should probably import that first to become familiar, correct?

That was what happened with RM8 and 9 but RM 10 gave me no such option and just installed alongside RM9. My concern was the inability to cleanly remove RM9 files after 10 was installed since some files/folders seem to be shared.

RM7 cannot run on mac os versions after mojave. Any download would go to your Downloads folder where you could delete the .dmg file. RM does not import media but just links to them and is good at relinking if you move the media folder.

Just look where your database, media and other genealogy files are stored on your old mac and copy those to the new one in an organized fashion.

IMHO – unless you are a non-computer savy person. There is nothing wrong with keeping all programs installed (7-10 versions). That said – you should also maintain a folder structure to organize the database files The reason to not keep multiple versions is that is might get confusing to less experience users.


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I would jump from RM7 to RM10, there are more and easier options to help clean the file than in RM7. Before you merge sources/citations clean the Repository list, its a tab on the Addresses page. Clean the place list before you merge any people. That will help keep things tidy.