RM 8.1.0 Copy Paste

I just updated to version 8.1.0 and whilst working on a free form source and citation clean up I noticed and issue I don’t recall being highlighted before. In the Research Note section of the citation I selected part of the text in the note and copied that portion of the text using either crtl+c or the Copy command in the menu then paste the highlighted text into the citation Page Number field. The result is all the text in the Research Note is copied to the Page Number field not just the highlighted text. Anyone else seen this?

My version 8.1.0 (Windows 10) pastes only the right-click copied portion of my selection into the Page Number field and after Save… the Citation Name field also contained a copy of just the portion because I had not entered a name there.

I also just updated to version 8.1.0. I am working on a Mac, and am unable to replicate your problem. I tried using the mouse right-click to copy and paste, I tried using Command+C (or +V) for copy and paste, and I tried using Control+C (or +V) for copy and paste. All 3 of these methods allowed me to successfully copy a portion of the Research Note into the Page Number field. This worked for me whether or not the Page Number field was previously empty.

No but I continue to get an error message trying to copy and paste my notes.

Thanks for the responses. I will continue investigating to see if I can work out what is happening in my case.