RM 10 Print manual

RM 10 amazon book has large clear type unlike the RM 9 tiny dim print. Images/screenshots are too small to see well but if a PDF version were available one could enlarge charts as needed. A PDF manual should be easy to produce barring restrictions from Amazon and many would pay $10 giving Bruce another income stream.

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I highly doubt we will ever sell a PDF version again, given our earlier ebook versions’ copyright infringements. Some people just know how to ruin a good thing. It’s left a bad taste in our mouths. It will take time to warm up to maybe a kindle version.

A user should have enough information to open the area of the program being discussed in the book to see what is being referenced. F1 would take them to the Help page.

I am quite sure that there was a high demand for the RM manual on all the best torrent sites. Probably millions of copies downloaded, but i do have bad news for you…even the kindle version can be spread about. I think there are also ways to turn a kindle version into a passable PDF.

Not that i would know anything about the various questionable activities that could happen on the internet.

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you can download the website – that allows for some options. I agree PDF versions (or similar digital formats) would be highly desirable but sadly to easy to abuse

ps. here is the link
Zip of RM10 Help file

Downloadable Copy of This Help

This help can be downloaded as a zip file to access from your local drive. The downloadable help is the current help, so keep in mind that your local copy may become out of date as the online help is updated.

1.Click here to download the zipped help.

2.Unzip the file into a folder on your hard drive.

3.In RootsMagic, open the Settings page and then the Folders tab. Enter the name of the folder where you unzipped the help as the “Help folder”.

4.You can access the help (either online or local) by pressing F1 in the RootsMagic program, or access the help locally from your hard drive by double clicking the index.html file in the folder.

I have a great deal of sympathy for this point of view.

It’s not quite the same thing, but I make printed copies of reports from RM to take to family reunions.I’m not worried about copyright. But I am worried about all the living people that are in the reports. That’s what everybody wants to see because they all want to see their own newest grandbabies in the reports and everybody else’s newest grandbabies in the reports. I’m not too worried about privacy because the reports are only printed. I don’t think anybody is going to take one of my reports apart (they are bound), scan all the pages, and post it to the Internet. But I have been asked for PDF copies of the same reports, and I don’t like the idea at all. It would be too easy for somebody just to take the entire PDF and post it online.

Did not realize the pirating risk for a PDF manual (call me dumb but honest). An Amazon produced kindle version would protect against rampant theft and still provide some income.
Both the help menu under options and mac Function F1 bring up the wiki which does have a search field.

Yes, a Kindle version is less likely to be pirated but not impossible. That’s why we need time to warm up to that possibility.

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I wish there was a spiral-bound version. I find spiral-bound so much easier to lay flat or turn to a certain page and have it next to my computer for reference. I can hopefully go find a copy shop to cut the spine and add binding. :man_shrugging:

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What a cost to buy one! The price is set to be US$ 19.95. For me living in Norway, the total price would be US$ 38.75 from Amazon in United Kingdom (UK) caused by incredible delivery and handling costs. Have RM any thoughts about that?

Looks like Amazon is not in Norway. You need to order and ship from the UK or Germany. You could compare the shipping costs on both Amazon sites.

The price US$ 38.75 was as I wrote from Amazon UK.
The Price from Amazon Germany would be even higher, US$ 45.00, and that is then over the double of the ground price of US$ 19.95.
In the end I have now bought the book from Amazon. com (U.S.) Despite 10% reduction, I had to pay US$ 32.00 incl. handling and transport to Norway.

I understand the problem with PDFs, but would you consider a Kindle version? Even with larger print than the previous edition, some of us elderly types have badly diminishing vision. (Everything on my monitor is boosted up to 150% now.)

Copy shops do a good job of this! I do this all the time!