Roots Magic 9 book bought via Amazon UK

I bought the Roots Magic 9 book on Amazon, what arrived was not what was expected.
The Amazon images showed a book with readable text and colour illustrations (it now shows just front and back cover).
Open the book and the first issue is paper quality, or rather lack of quality, it is a rough coarse grain.
The Illustrations look like Low Resolution screen grabs, where there is text in the illustration it was totally unreadable.
The main text colour varies from light grey to not quite as light grey, this makes it very difficult to read and especially if you are senior in age. Some pages were so feint as to be illegible.
I bought a book on DNA at the same time, also from Amazon UK and that is Premier League in text and quality of paper where the RM 9 is Sunday School Juniors league.
I understand that Amazon prints the book in multiple locations so if you do buy it do return it if the quality is as I have described.


I agree, very poor quality, screen shots very faint and grey-scale, not really readable … Preview on Amazon shows them in colour.

I have also returned it for a refund.

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I too bought my book from Amazon UK, but though there aren’t any colour diagrams and they are all in a fainter grey they are all readable, the paper quality is good, I am quite happy with my purchase.

What is happening with getting the rubbish print quality and paper quality issues sorted on Amazon supplied books?

Nothing, judging by the poor reviews it is still getting!

As of Friday, same crappy printing as before previously complained about.

I think that the book quality has to be pretty low on their priority list. I would hope that they have all hands (both of them) resolving software issues.

I think that most people would rather see fully-functional software rather than a readable book that will be outdated as they add the missing bits and pieces into RM.

It is a five minute task to change the specification to the printing companies or to Amazon.

Better yet, wherever it is in the RM office produce a PDF version and put it in the downloads, yet again a five minute task.