Repository Merging

When using the option to ‘Merge All Repositories’ does everything have to be exactly the same for the merge to occur?

For example, I have the following duplicates that would be the same, but they don’t merge.

I had two Ancestry repositories that when I made sure were exactly the same did merge.


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did your “exactly the same” include case?
I had an Ancestry vs ancestry in the web link that stopped the merge I’ve just experimented with

I did some ‘experimenting’ with my repositories and have concluded that the information in the Edit Repository window MUST match between the 2 (or more) repositories needing merged.

I used copy/past to copy the information from one repository to another. When I ran the ‘Merge All’ function, they merged. Prior to that, those duplicates had not merged.

I suppose that one could argue, being pedantic possibly, that if the information was not identical then they were not duplicates :grinning:

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