Duplicate Ancestry Repository in Sources

I have been equalizing my genealogy data both directions between Ancestry and RM8. I removed duplicate sources, duplicate citations, and duplicate repositories in RM8. When I looked at individual sources, I noticed that the repository field still contained several Ancestry repository entries which look to be duplicates. I exited and restarted RM8 but the issue did not go away.
Is there a way to remove duplicate repositories from a given source entry? Note that when I review the repository database itself, I only see one Ancestry entry.

You can merge duplicate repositories by clicking the three dots at the top right corner of the repository view and then Merge All Duplicate Repositories. This happens all the time when I use the Ancestry Tree Share.

I went through all my sources and deleted/re-added my repository to each. Deleting one Ancestry repository caused them all to go away for a given source. This brought the usage counts insync with the sources list. Now each source has a single repository and my problem appears resolved. I did notice that the same problem also happened for Fold3 repository sources.
I do suspect that this issue is either a UI issue, but more likely that the “remove duplicate repository” functionality somehow did not consolidate and update the repository to sources relationships (an assumption on my part).

It’s best to merge your repositories before you merge sources or citations. Otherwise you will have duplicate links then to the same repository.