Importing from Ancestry - Mulitple repositories

Hi thought I would give Rootsmagic another try (got fed up with issues in V7) but when I download a tree from Ancestry sources show multiple repositories which is making things very slow and causes issues. I have now tried a couple of trees and the latest downloaded after the most recent update. The repositories list has no duplicates but if you say look at a census source you get multiple repositories of that are identical. On the original tree I downloaded can be listed 500 times this is clearly an issue as removing them (tried) that causes issues when adding new sources as Ancestry then links to an older source not the one you have just added.

There was a similar post here:

Unfortunately that post doesn’t help as repositories list shows just one there are no duplicates. It just shows duplicates in the sources.

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I decided this was a technical issue and raised a ticket with support #104326

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