Repeatable Unexpected Error, Access Violation

Windows 10, RM

I have had many Unexpected Error, Access Violation situations today. The following one is repeatable. The others have been similar and probably would have ben repeatable had I taken the time to investigate thoroughly.

  • Select People List View
  • Filter by a group
  • Highlight the first person in the list
  • Switch to Descendant View. The selected person is the only person on the screen, which is correct because the selected person has no descendants or spouses.
  • Click the left chevron to move Descendant View to the next higher generation.
  • Error occurs. The error seems to be 100% repeatable at the present time but it has not always been 100% repeatable.

The RM9 database is newly imported from RM7, plus I have run the database tools in RM9 before performing the above sequence. The error also occurred before newly importing from RM7 and before running the database tools in RM9. Doing the new import and running the database tools were just a diagnostic step to see if it helped. It did not.

I did a slightly different sequence. Namely, I went to Descendant View and highlighted a person with no children or spouses. I right clicked them and did Position => Move To Primary Position. You wouldn’t normally do that for a person with no children or spouses but I wanted to get a person with no children or spouses into that position without first going through People List View and filtering by a group.

Having set things up in that manner, clicking the left chevron to move Descendant View up to the next generation again generates the Unexpected Error, Access Violation.

That is exactly what I have been suffering from for months.

Now three separate Windows PC’s and a Mac suffer the same fault.

One PC is brand new last week and it top of range with hardly any software.

All trees problem checked and the database tools run yet when I make a change in Ancestry on my iPad then Tree Share the next day and the fault can show, mostly when there is a lot of changes to the records and media associated with a specific person.

It has been reported prior and they have a copy of my database but no follow up has been advised

Following these steps I can only make this happen on the Windows 64-bit version of RM9.

The non-reproducible random aborts are the worst kind of bugs as it doesn’t give RM Support a reliable starting point for diagnosis. As end users we can only call out that the app is behaving in this random manner consistently.

Well, that’s a great start.
Jerry didn’t say if he was using x64 or x86, but if you get the bug fixed in x64. I’d be happy.

My apologies. I mentioned I was on Windows but I failed to mention that I was on the 64-bit version. I will try to be sure to include that information in the future.

Surely no one is still using 32 bit software! That was phased out years ago.

Renee, it happens to me too, but only randomly, on 9.03 Mac, Ventura
I did report it, but it isn’t 100% repeatable, just consistently on the < from descendancy view.
It used to happen to me a lot back in Community testing, where back then I put it down to my not exactly clicking on the < but just nearby.
I don’t use the filter by group that often in Person view as thejerrybryan is reporting as 100% repeatable.
But do regularly start from person view before switching to descendant view for a person