A Non-Repeatable Access Violation Error and Loop

Windows 10, RM

The following scenario created an access violation error. Trying to shutdown RM then created the warning message about a previous access violation error. Repeated attempts to shutdown kept repeating the warning message without shutting down. Windows Task Manager was necessary to shut down RM.

  • I had just deleted my RM8 database and reloaded it from RM7, so it was a fresh copy of my RM8 database.
  • I created a new group containing 58 people.
  • I went to People List view and filtered the list by the new group. Performance was satisfactory because the group was very small. I have regularly reported very poor performance when filtering by large groups, but this was a very small group and there was no performance problem in applying the filter.
  • I removed two columns from People List view and added one new column.
  • I went to Settings => Display Settings to turn off High Contrast Grid Highlight.
  • Upon returning to the main People tab there immediately was an access violation error. I had taken no action to click on anything at all on the main people tab. It was still in People List view with same person highlighted. The access violation error occurred immediately after I clicked on the main People tab at the left side of the screen and without me taking any other action. It displayed People List view correctly and immediately displayed the error message for the access violation.
  • RM could not be shut down as described above.
  • After restarting RM, the same scenario worked correctly without causing an access violation error. I did not reboot my PC at any point in this process.