Removal of News notifications once read

Having read the News notifications in MR8 is it possible to delete them? I would imagine that as they are added to the list could go on for ever.


Agreed. You should be able to right click and delete or have them vanish after opening in your browser. Instead they persist and show a red count button.

This list only emphasizes how slow progress is on RM8 getting released and becoming functional. Thank goodness it does not keep track of those mac “access violation” errors!

No, you can’t delete them, the eventually go away. This is the same exact behavior that we have known and loved on RM7 and prior. If you don’t want to read them, you can mark them as read using the little checkmark in the upper right corner.

Again, No. When you quit RM8 and reopen it after clicking the news refresh you again get the red button and all the non-news. A minor issue but annoying.

Again, maybe on a freaking Mac but it is a problem they fixed many versions ago for everyone else. The original poster didn’t ask anything about them being read/unread anyway. They asked if they could be made to go away…as in the list cleared. The answer is NO!

Since the main reason for RM8 was to get a native mac version and stop paying codeweaver for a kludge RM7 fix it would be appropriate to fix the news list keeping the unread count each time the file is opened for macs as well as windows.

Are you saying that the main reason for RM8 was to get a native mac version? That’s a pretty mac-centric view of things.

Richard is a Mac fanboy of the highest level, I am sure other than that, he isn’t a bad fellow. We just have to take his fanboydom into account when reading his posts.

RW; RM7 is a full featured and functional app on Windows while RM8 is a feature stripped buggy beta version. If I was still a Windows user I would stay with RM7 until it died or switch to family historian or legacy which seem very popular.

Only mac users seem to have any reason to consider RM8 since RM7 for us is a klunky windows xp interface in a fake windows environment that stumbles a lot.

kfunk should apply his fandom comments internally. I made my living on Windows and know which OS is kinder to my sanity.