News notifications

When opening my database, the first Tab “Home” shows when there are some notifications, I have had 6 since purchasing RM8, shown in Red, then in the News section they are listed with a “Star”, 5 of them are relating to Software updates, further down is “Updates” which tells me I have the latest ( I click on each of the notifications a separate window opens, am I supposed to follow this through? the “Star” then disappears, however when I log on again they reappear. Am I doing something wrong?

This is how that area of my Home screen looks. All News items read. Latest Update installed. Nothing with a Star. I wonder when RM7 now running under Big Sur will cease to be News (10 months ago), and you can no longer join the Community Preview.

Have you tried clicking on the Refresh icon to see if that changes anything (The circle with the arrows)


Hi Terry, My Screen looked similar to yours and had the same News items, except I then had the 6 Software updates. I have just followed your advise by going through each item, this removed the Star, I then did the “Refresh” closed down and opened up again. The Stars seem to have gone, the items you show have also gone leaving just those informing us of a Software Update, plus the one from 15 days ago saying RootsMagic 8 is now Available.
RM is such a powerful program even after using it for 20 years I am still learning and I know do not use it to its full potential. Several problems it seems can be overcome by very simple commands, but not knowing where are they? Thank you for your time.

No problem. If you managed to lose the old News I will try opening these items again and do the refresh and see if I can get rid of them too.

You are a Pal, thank you, it is so gratifying to speak to someone who knows what I am trying to say.