RM notifications to THIS community forum

I hardly ever foray into Facebook but today I did and found that RM staff are posting items to the RootsMagic Users forum. However, it doesn’t seem as if these same items are being posted to this community forum, and I’m at a loss to understand why.

Notification of software updates are provided over at Facebook (which we can all discover when we next open RM), but just yesterday this link was posted

(sorry I don’t know how to link the actual Facebook notification provided by RM 12 hours ago, but this is where the link went)

I think there are quite a few people who avoid Facebook. Given this, could I please ask that all notifications posted by RM are duplicated over to this forum so we are all provided with the same information. It would also offset FOMO! :joy:

Thanks so much.


News of updates are posted here. There is a news and updates group in addition to the Rootsmagic, Family Atlas and Person Historian groups.

That is not a RM Inc notice but one from an independent company. You could contact her and make that request. Otherwise, rely on discerning users of both platforms to share such fb items here.

Edit: my bad. It was a link to the independent company’s website shared by the RM Inc Admin. It’s not pinned as an announcement or Featured post. Anyone could have shared it. So, it’s more a FYI than a notice from RM Inc about product updates, sales, company info for which I agree that it has an obligation to duplicate here.

It was posted to the Facebook group by RootsMagic, Inc, an group admin user, that I suspect is Bruce Buzbee since it is listed as a “Local Business”

Thanks so much @kfunk – I’d forgotten that we also had the News and Announcements category on this community forum so thanks for the reminder! I’ll make sure I check it from here on. :slight_smile:

In reviewing, I noticed that RM did not post the link to the Family History Fanatics Brick Wall clip to the Community News and Announcements forum like they did on Facebook. Perhaps it was simply just an oversight – I can imagine how busy they all must be! Still, it’d be great if RM could provide any news or announcements to both Facebook and this forum.

The brick wall announcement was just some RM employee sharing a link in the forum. I don’t see that it really mattered whether it is posted here or not. It wasn’t a company ‘announcement’ that impacted how the program works or is used. It was very much like those people that like to post links to their favorite cat video. I don’t want them posting all over the internet either…oh, wait, that ship may have sailed.