How are you liking this new Forum?

I am enjoying this forum and am interested to know how other folks are finding it. I see many people I recognise from the Facebook forums and the RootsMagic .io group. I much prefer this to Facebook – it seems so much more civilised! People can get very argumentative on Facebook, perhaps it is a function of the medium. It is early days but there is a lot of good interaction going on here and people helping each other to get into the workings of this new version.
We don’t seem to get many responses from the folks at RootsMagic though – perhaps they are still busy replying to the Facebook group…

(Actually, they are probably busy responding to online Technical Support queries or fixing the glitches)


In yesterday’s using files webinar, Bruce did indicate high traffic for the support staff, and possible delays due to it.

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I prefer this forum also; it is much more civilized than Facebook and has great promise for exchanging ideas. Soon enough the many technical support questions will give way to other topics. And there does seem to be enough tech-oriented responders here that they are (hopefully) relieving some of the pressure on the support team.

It’s OK, but I prefer an email list more; however, the forum is like day and night compared to the useless FaceBook.

Terry…I am enjoying this Community Forum. I find replies helpful and timely. I am sure things will calm down as RM8 is worked out. I would never post a question on FB. If this forum is for all of RM…hopefully it will be broken down into different RM programs…

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I agree about the argumentative behaviour on Facebook but that happens on some of Ancestry’s message boards too. It sometimes appears that a few people try to shout others down just because they can.

I find this forum easy to read and easy to find topics. My only minor issue is that I keep getting emails saying that I haven’t visited for a couple of days when I’m sure I have. The reminder does help me to see what I may have missed though.
I’ve found lots of useful information from other community members and this has helped me decide whether or not to add my main trees (which are linked to Ancestry via TreeShare) to RM8.

This forum has retained me as a RootsMagic customer/user.

Event though I had paid for RM8, I will not use Facebook so during the Community Preview comment period my participation was severely limited and I gave up (and I’m software developer who was eager to help). I felt abandoned by RM, with no RM8 future I was planning to stay with RM7, continue writing my own SQLite RM7 tools & report utilities, and when RM7 became obsolete evaluate which competitors program I was going to be forced to switch to.

Being a TMG-refugee, one reasons I originally chose RM7 was its user forum that I eventually relied upon heavily and participated, so I was ecstatic to see this RM8 Community Forum return. :grinning:


io forum was too small and content was significantly restricted by moderators. Sleazy facebook was never a choice for me.

Hopefully this forum will gain members. But how do you create new or find existing tags?


Hi- Warren here - I am new to this forum and hope to get some great advice and help as various matters arise as I enter and maintain my genealogy. The format is fine with me as I prefer “readable” posting headings and easy to locate tracking and posting buttons on the page. As I am legally blind it can be difficult to navigate so please forgive any incorrect posting placements In\may make. I am sure that as Bruce and his team provide more clarification on how to do things and I become more familiar with R8 I will enjoy more the benefits of this software and the Roots community.

I’m loving this new forum and the “tone” that has been set – everyone is so helpful and respectful of differing abilities (so I can post feeling no question is “too silly”). I’ve learnt so much in just the past week from other users. It’s also much easier to navigate and find posts on similar topics you’re interested in, and keep a track of what still needs reading!

I hope that the RM Team also frequent and support these pages as I think it will go a long way to grow the membership base and ensure the future “success” of this forum! Once they’ve had a break that is! :slightly_smiling_face:

Quite honestly, this has been the best part of RM8. If I can’t do something, coming here lets me know if it is me or the program. Hopefully, the team is reading these diligently as there are some improvements that need to be made, yesterday. (too many clicks)


I’m enjoying it too - as several people have commented, the atmosphere is more pleasant.
I especially like the bigger writing area!

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Wiki No No No Yes Disabled
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Database No No No Yes No
Translator No No Yes No Enterprise plan
Mobile app No No Yes Yes (shell for Android) Yes (shell for Android/iOS)

I rather like this Discourse Community. From a technical perspective, it has the main features of the now-deleted RootsMagic Forums with the addition of easy insertion of images in the posts. It lacks an area for uploading files, a highly useful feature of the facebook and groups. The discussion features are superior to facebook and a substantial overlap with I’d give highest marks for the whole feature set.

However, I can see that cost could be much higher for than for Discourse. While RM Inc is currently subscribed to a managed Discourse server, it could move to a self-managed server because the code is open-source ( code is unavailable). That subscription costs $100-$300/mo and allows unlimited members with limitations on page views, storage and emails. has no limits on bandwidth but charges for each additional member above a tier. The top tier (required to have one’s own domain) is $220/mo for 1000 members plus $0.20/mo for each additional.

So I think Discourse is a good choice but I’d like to see a Files area added.

I would like to thank the RootsMagic team for the new forum. Facebook wasn’t an option for me. I’m very happy to see this forum.


Starting to work better for me as I gradually find my way around.
Potentially very useful.

Hey, I just wanted to thank you for this new forum. I am not a Facebook user for many reasons so I felt excluded for information during the Community Preview testing period. The forum organization and format is simple and easy to use. Thanks.

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