I am new to this rootsmagic forum how is the best way to start

Suggestions about how to start using this forum.


Before posting a question, check the RootsMagic Wiki and prior discussions here for possible answers.

Don’t be afraid to post.

I have a question please-- say I find a post from 6 months ago that kind of answers my question BUT I am NOT sure how to do everything they suggest ( say Adding a new fact)-- is it better to reply to the old post or start a new post
Thanks for any advice

If the subject/topic of the discussion is exactly what your question is about, then reply to it. If not, then start a new discussion with the appropriate title and tag.

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  1. Read the wiki which is RM8’s approach to a user manual.
  2. Watch the webinars and try out features if on Windows. If a mac user be cautious since features demonstrated on Windows often do not work on macs until a subsequent bug fix.
  3. If new to RM8 be hesitant to use it as your master database until you have become familiar with it and have encountered no serious bugs.
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The question was about using this forum - not about using the program.


Yes, but to use the forum it helps to understand RM8 basics and the purpose of the forum is to facilitate RM8 use.

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