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Totally new to Roots Magic 8. Is it possible that someone has the time and inclination to write a two page instruction, that can be printed out, showing the basics of how it works from scratch. I just want a main person without ending up with multiples. Current tutorials on line assume I am familiar with it all. The jargon/language is sometimes unfamiliar. Help please!!!

Have you consulted Wiki? See Help and Support from your home page, Wiki documentation, link here: RootsMagic 8 Wiki and specific to adding people: Adding People It is online and not printable in its entirety but in the left column there is a link for a printable version of the page you are looking at.

RM7 had an excellent and simple user manual still available from amazon and google that would help with the terminology and layout. RM8 is very different, lacks a manual but the wiki and tutorials will help significantly.

If new to genealogy, google for basic guides to concepts and jargon.

Find a RootsMagic User Group to help you too. RootsMagic User Groups

@Drucilla --you said that you were totally new to RM 8— well if you just bought it after Jan 1 2023 ( as I read), you should have received a new key to unlock Roots Magic 9 which was released today–Roots Magic 9 has a book that you can buy on Google or Amazon–worth thinking abt…

Thank you - All those suggestions very helpful. Software should have a jargon buster built in and explain what happens if you enter something and the effect it has on everything else. Too much to ask I realise, for a novice like me. Slowly getting to understand.

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the videos will help you to learn the jargon too RootsMagic - YouTube