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A community for users of RootsMagic, Inc.'s software including RootsMagic genealogy software, Personal Historian writing software and more. Here, you can connect with other users to ask questions, share ideas, and discuss how to use the software.


Quick exploration of post features shows that there is much in common with the old IPBoard Forums and some clear advantages over Facebook Groups:

  • basic text formatting: bold, italics, bold italics (using the usual Ctrl+B, Ctrl+i keyboard shortcuts) but underlining, font style and colour are missing from the editor’s menu bar

  • whole message quoting

  • hyperlinks (Ctrl+K)

  • Block quote:

Welcome to RootsMagic Community — thanks for starting a new conversation!

  • Does the title sound interesting if you read it out loud? Is it a good summary?
  • preformatted text, e.g., fixed width but without any code styling:
Date	                                        SortDate
D.+19240705..+00000000..	6712864301158236172
DS+19430300..+19440800..	6723416859351711762
  • images: SQLiteToolsForRootsMagic-square An advantage over the old IPBoard Forums is that admin of the former disallowed image file uploads so it required extra steps to post to an image host and fetch the link to insert into the post.

  • Numbered list:

  1. First item
  2. Second item
  • Emojis: :rofl: :mens: :restroom: :canada:

  • Date/time: 2021-10-01T15:40:00Z

*Hidden text (e.g., search keywords?):


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  • Blur spoiler: ffkirhjwdrv@hotmail.com

What seems to be lacking is a preview of what it looks like. The IPBoard has a WYSIWYG editor or a code editor. This Discourse editor is only a code editor. That’s disappointing.

And it feels quite clunky to use. For example, one does not get into a bulleted or numbered list mode of entry for successive lines; rather it is invoked one line at a time or a format applied to a block of lines.

Can one paste HTML code? This is a simple table from BlueGriffon:

Row/Column A B
1 fgh yuo
2 dg hjk
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You use BlueGriffon? I’ve been anxious to try but I’m stuck in Komposer mode and can’t seem to escape. Your comment is encouraging and informative.

Thanks. This looks like a great site and program. :grinning: