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Why are dna features not up for discussion?

I don’t think he means DNA features of RootsMagic. I believe he is referring to DNA discussions that are not directly pertinent to RM e.g Which site do you use for comparisons? Do you match with this marker etc. etc. If I am wrong no doubt Michael will elaborate

Thank you. Where do I find out how RM handles dna comparisons within the program or has the ability to have plug ins that will analyze dna.

RootsMagic is a genealogical software program, not a DNA analysis program

That is why I ask if RM accepts plug ins that will analyze. So, there are no fields similiar to family tree maker that will allow for entry of dna kit numbers and plug in such as chartmaster to seamlessly analize? It is more efficient to have in an integrated program. Hopefully the import feature will handle over 250,000 folks?

You can create your own custom facts @GardnerReyn and/or use the suffix or nickname fields, which can be easily searched in the Advanced search

Is there any way to get rid of the pink and blue people easily?

Settings>Display Settings>Show avatars on ped/fam views

Thanks for this tip. I think my system actually is a bit faster without seeing any avatars or ancestor photos, although it is a nice feature.

First post here! Is the RM8 thumb drive intended to work as a total system? In other words, will it enable me carry data files and to plug into any (Windows) computer and run the full program? Sorry if this is covered elsewhere. Couldn’t find it and back into genealogy and RM after a long absence. I have loads of questions but will try to feed it slow.

No! It is simply a drive, with the installer file for RM on it. You would do just as well to download the installer from the RM website as it will be more up to date than the one on the flash drive. Once you have installed RM8 on your computer, there are instructions on the RM Wiki for creating a RM ToGo drive which will allow you to plug into other computers and run the program. Those instructions are at RootsMagic To-Go - RootsMagic Wiki.

For future reference, you may do better creating a new topic instead of attaching to a three month old topic.

Ok, Thanks, Ken (I’m a Ken too). I actually ordered it when I ordered my RM8, so I guess I’m stuck with it. I’ll follow your instructions. I was hoping!

Thanks again,