RootsMagic8 forum questions

  1. Is there a way to be notified of all posts per category?

  2. Where can I sign out of this RM forum account?

I found the answer. There is a bell icon on the top right at

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The old RootsMagic Forums will be taken down soon, so the accounts will be purged. If you send an email to attn: Renee, with your email and username I can remove your account now.

Congratulations on the launch of RM8.

I currently use RM7 UK edition. Can I upgrade to RM8 yet or do I need to wait for a new RM8 UK version?

I too would like a UK version, I’ve e-mailed S&N but so far no reply, I’ll post here when I hear back.

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@rzamor1 I was asking how to sign out of the new website. I don’t see where to do that. I do not want to remove my account.

Click the avatar in the upper right corner. The dropdown has several tabs. Click the tab with the little person and the menu will display a log out option. I don’t know if there is a quicker way (we’re pretty new to this message board software too :wink: )


Sometime next week according to S&N.

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I have been using the community preview version since it was re;eased and I am in the UK.
Works perfectly fine and if you got to “Settings” you can select a number of different date formats including the UK method of DD MM YYYY