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Hello all,
I have been a RM user for several years and am currently still using version 7. I have been following along with the development of version 8 and have actually purchased it and am playing around a bit to test it out. My data still resides in version 7.
My question is that as a user, I would like to know what things are on the “to do” list for the Roots Magic staff. I understand the pressure to release the product after such a long development period and I can be patient. But I find it difficult to wade through these posts (also FB group) to understand what is an acknowledged problem that is in development and what isn’t.

  1. Some functionality from version 7 was removed to get the upgrade out the door with a plan to add it again in an upgrade. I am specifically waiting for custom reports to come back, but I recall there were some other things as well.
  2. The paste function in notes is goofy and I understand that was a problem with 3rd party product but where does RM actually say that?
  3. Ancestry tree share with large trees (mine is something like 40,000 people) has some problems, but does RM agree and is it on their radar?

These 3 things are big deals to me and I would like to be able to see somewhere that these are still in process at Roots Magic. Is there a bug report we can see or an “in development” list or some such? With so many posts and not much interaction from RM staff I find it hard to discern what is happening with things that I really care about. Am I the only one out here wondering?


Other than a declaration at the start of the Beta Community Preview on Jan 1 that the plan was to release RM8 before certain features were ready, there has been no further statement to the best of my knowledge. And RM Inc has made it a policy to publish no schedules, no tracking, no promises so it is a rare exception if it does for a tiny number of items.

Thanks for your reply Tom.
I do understand their hesitation surrounding timelines and promises. My only thought is that we, as users, don’t know what has been “accepted” by RM as a problem or what is on their radar. I knew the release of 8 was planned with a few holes to be filled by future updates. I heard about the pasting into notes problem via a webinar.
It would be useful to know if a problem is known instead of reading redundant posts from people about the same things. I wish there was a way to just check a list somewhere. Also, those 3 items I mentioned are stopping me from committing fully to RM 8 and I hope to hear they are on the docket for the team at RM. I am patient and will continue to watch the new updates to RM 8 for my particular concerns.
Anyway, I thank you for your reply!


As for #2, the goofy paste function, that was given in a webinar that Bruce did recently. I don’t think RM actually committed that to a post anywhere.

And for #3, RM has not yet acknowledged that as an issue. Renee Zamora’s recent Facebook post on the matter indicated it was an issue with our security software. I know better than that. I already tried turning all of that off and on and so forth.

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Thanks for your thoughts!

Update 8.1 has just been released which appears to address a couple of the problems you describe. I agree it would be good to know what has been accepted for future work and release and it might save the support staff from having to wade through the same requests time and time again.


Hi Jane, I’m having issues with RM8 as well, especially copy & paste & undo.
I can see it’s great potential and most everything I need is in there somewhere but I have to search, jump and click endlessly to find it. Now I’m using FTM again until RM8 is upgraded a little better because I do intend to use it.
I posted a RM8 video on this community and you might want to look at it.
“Rootsmagic 8 Genealogy Software - Bugs, Problems and Issues”
It’s interesting.