Access & contribution to prioritised lists of suggested & planned changes please

For those of us who were not part of the beta/testing groups for RM8, is there a way of accessing the lists that I assume were created of the changes requested, agreed and being worked on? Was there a system for voting on priority that we could continue to contribute to?

Can we see a list of RM7 features that will or will not be added to RM8 in due course?

In my opinion, partly due to blindness to such information, this community is becoming a rather disorganised muddle of peer help, complaint and improvement requests. I am not clear whether RM staff are noting change requests and logging them? Either from here or from the facebook group?

Are we really now bringing up issues that were not already identified pre-release and what was the response? It is inefficient and frustrating re-inventing the wheel.

Please can we get more organised. Particularly differentiating between helping each other learning to use RM8 and listing requests for development.


I totally agree - insight into planned improvements would really help my adoption of RM8

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There is no list of what beta users suggested (enhancement requests, bringing back features that already existed in RM7, or bug reports, etc). If you can access the RootsMagic 8 Community Preview Users, you can read through all the posts to see the discussions. The RM team will not make any lists available to users - this has already been asked for. The only list they publish is what is new to each version. There was no voting system.

Here is an example of their update history list:

You can follow the News and Announcements category.

I wouldn’t say this community is a “disorganised muddle of peer help.” It’s a discussion group where users can help other users. I expect when the RM team gets caught up on all the emails they are receiving (new orders, problems, etc.), that they will post more often here.

Yes, many of the things that were brought up in the testing phase are again being brought up in this group. Some of us who were beta testers are trying to help those who were not beta testers.

Unfortunately, the RM Wiki is not finished, but Renee and Bruce are updating the site quite often:

The RootsMagic Users private group is also a place to ask questions.

When you start a post here, you can tag it with “feature-request” which I assume the RM people are following.

For bugs, they request people to go to Technical Support and click the button in the lower-right corner of that web page where it says “Leave a Message.” They will then contact you if they need more information such as screenshots.