Guidance reporting issues, feature requests & a roadmap

I would request some RM guidance please.

  1. If I see what I think is a Missing or Broken RM7 Feature, or RM8 Program Error e.g., bug, do I:
  • Write a tech support email at RootsMagic Help
  • Post it in this forum so everyone is aware
  • Both
  1. Is there some sort of official public RM8 features release Roadmap or list beyond Whats New - RootsMagic Wiki, so I know what to patiently wait for?
    I’m referring to RM7 features missing or broken in RM8 but will return (e.g., RM8-to-Go, Report generating capabilities),
    or New RM8 features (from the old RM7 feature request list) planned but not yet available.
    I’m not asking for release dates, I understand the RM policy of not making them.

During this initial official release period, such a roadmap would prevent wasting everyone’s time with a bunch of redundant posts for issues already planned for a near-term RM8 release (weeks or month); or the reverse, not report ‘issues’ because we HOPE or THINK they with be released shortly.
Plus without a complete RM8 Guide Manual there were numerous RM7 feature requests for RM8 (e.g. Narrative report, small Fact Sentence Template improvements for fields & options, Formatting Codes in Facts and Notes). I don’t know if they are in RM8 or how they were implemented to test them. What is their status: implemented, planned, rejected? Do I need to repeat all those RM7 posts as new RM8 feature requests now or patiently wait?

Thanks to everyone in the community that supports this forum. So glad RM8 is out finally even with a few holes.


I reported something via RootsMagic Help (“Leave a Message” on the lower right) that I thought was a bug, but Renee wrote back that she could not reproduce it. If I had posted it here, maybe others would have also been able to reproduce it.

I believe the official guidance for reporting is going to and selecting Technical Support (last item under Support).

I concur that this would be useful and posted similar query a few weeks ago. It would seem to be useful for both RM personnel and users, but apparently there is reluctance for some reason to make it public. Since I don’t have any experience in software development, I don’t know what the logic is.