Relationship Odity - Video Example [Resolved]

This is something that appears to be :“unExpected” I do not believe this is intended by design.
Certainly is confusing. The video will make more sense of this. Essentially, cousins are not always displayed in the box. Unless they have a spouse. However, in my example the spouse has not bearing on the relationship. Both parents only married once. (windows 10, RM 8.1.8)

Video Link

However, I found something after I made the video. (not sure they got changed – but shouldn’t birth still give relationships?)



Have you run the Set Relationships process since you added all these people? Newly added people do not get a relationship set automatically.

Good thought…yes I updated yesterday. But, in case the tools changed something I will update again and see if different result when I am on computer later tonight

@thejerrybryan was correct. Thank you.

I must have added those people just after I ran the relationship (unless running the db tools did something – because I did have something pop when I ran tools).
I was wondering if the different type of parents was a factor which was not the case.