Set Relationship issues

I am trying to change the relationship a father has to 2 women he has had a child to without showing them as spouses. I followed the Help info on Set Relationships, but that doesn’t seem to do anything and don’t see what this achieves.

Set Relationships is merely for choosing reference person to calculate relationships from. Your concern seems to relate to the word Spouse. In RootsMagic vernacular, a(n) married or unmarried person who is being associated together, with another for family history depiction purposes, is/are always considered a Spouse. Spouses without a marriage fact remain as unmarried and when highlighted in the Edit Person window, can be assigned their genders (or None) in the Person: pane. Additionally, however, if there are children born from these Spouses, the Person: pane allows for changing the Father/Mother labels away from those words to either Partner or Other. Hope this clarifies a bit.

Thanks, I have a better understanding of “Set Relationship” and the use of the term “Spouse”. If I understand you correctly, if there is no marriage fact then they will be automatically regarded as Partner or Other. My issue now is that I cannot see anywhere where that is displayed.
Ancestry clearly offers the options to change couple relationships from Spouse to Partner, Friend, Single, Other and Unknown, but RM doesn’t appear to offer these. You suggest that I can change Father/Mother to Partner or Other but this then negates the child’s relationship to its parents.

Okay I have now found the place in the Person Edit screen where the relationship is shown. All makes sense now, thanks.