In the relationship report, I want one that shows the relationship to any person in the family, either by blood or marriage

In the Ancestry app online, in the profile page for a person, there is a ‘relationship’ line, the fourth line below the picture, that will show this person’s relationship to the ‘Home Person’ in the tree. If you select this ‘relationship’ information, you get a printable page with the relationship detail. This relationship information text, and the related printable information, is also generated for persons who are not ‘blood’ relations of the ‘home person’.
Dictionary definition: Relationship: The condition or fact of being related; connection or association.
For most of my 80+ years, asking about the ‘relationship’ of a person who was married to a ‘blood’ relative would prompt a response of husband, wife or in-law, without having to provide more information.
Why is there this constraint of ONLY blood relations in RM?

Apparently RM chose to go with the strictest definition of related. To pick nits, genealogy is all about the blood relatives. This bothers some people who want to see RM calculate 1/2 relations and various non-blood relationships, such as steps. Will it ever happen, who knows. It hasn’t in all these years, so you might turn a little blue holding your breathe for it.

The Kinship List will identify some in-law relationships.