Kinship Reports

I was hopeful to have the kinship reporting function upgraded in RM8, however still not there. Is there any plans to be able to run (publish) a kinship report which will show all relationships with an individual? Specifically, if I am related to another as a 2nd cousin, a father in law, or really any degree of relationship, other than only one.

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Are you referring to non-blood lines, (by Marriage etc)?
Charting Companion 8, might give you what you are looking for.

hi, thanks for answering. i have not tried charting companion at this time.
i wil take a look. An “no”, i was not referring to in-laws as much as differently degrees of cousins and such. I noticed in my older version of other family history software, that a kinship report would list up to five different relationships with a single individual, simple because of the line of descendency from different people. -Len

I assume you are aware you can see all the relationships between two individuals using the relationship calculator. But yikes! Yes… this is one at a time. Who has the time (and patience!) to repeat the same request over and over. I too wish i could see all the relationships on the kinship report. I also which the kinship report had filters, where one could chose to print just a selected group. If someone knows how, i would love to know!! -


Agreed, It would be very helpful to filter by generations / relationship type and/or distance (similar to FTA by marriage, by blood etc or Charting Companion .) . I suspect the logic required to cover all that is relatively simple at the high level (which group does an individual belong in relative to the “home person” … however the details of to make it all work and deliver the needed results make be more complex than it sounds. Hopefully, we see more options on the Kinship report. If I do a kinship report on my daughter for example, it is over 104 pages long, my wife’s is 16 and mine is 89.

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