Kinship List - Spouses of Blood Relatives

It appears that in the Kinship List report, only wives (female spouses) of male blood relatives are shown as Spouse of [Blood Relative]. Husbands (male spouses) of female blood relatives are shown as having the same relationship as their wives, even if the husbands are not actually blood relatives.

Is that correct? Doesn’t make sense to me.

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Yes you are correct that is what is happening? As to why I have no idea–I do know that other programs would say hubby/ wife of the blood relative-- that however is not how you think of your Aunt’s husband-- I prefer Uncle for my Aunt’s hubby in the kinship report BUT know that MIGHT get confusing when you go back 3 or more generations…

Something I just noticed that is really bad— if you g-grandfather married his cousin, the kinship report shows them as 1st cousins–not husband and wife also-- and when a niece and her uncle married siblings, the Kinship report only show them as niece/uncle—not brother-in-law/sister-in-law also- other programs that I have used would give both relationships…

Unfortunately this isn’t “other programs” and it shows you the closest relationship. Same thing happens in the Kinship report as I recall.

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Yes, I have seen the same results. I am running RM 8.2.7 on Win 10 Laptop. When viewing a Kinship report, I see male descendants who are actually spouses of a blood descendant listed as grandson instead of Spouse of granddaughter. The female descendants of a spouse of the blood relative is listed correctly as spouse of grandson.

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I checked the Kinship report on RM7 and found it displays the male descendants who are in-laws correctly as Spouse of … instead of Son or a blood relative. It seems like RM8 has a bug in it. Renee seems to be looking at some of these posts, perhaps she can tell us if this bug is on the to-do list or possibly add it.

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Thanks for the reply and I do understand what you are saying BUT in my case / file, it is NOT showing the closest relationship but rather odd relationships–please let me explain…
Bert and Minnie are cousins who married-- their mothers are sisters…

did a Kinship report for Bert and it says Minnie is his first cousin-- instead of WIFE
note -all Minnie’s siblings are listed as in-laws…

did a kinship report for Harriett ( Bert’s mother/ Minnie’s aunt)–
it says Bert was Harriet’s nephew-- instead of SON
it says Minnie was her daughter-in-law----so did get the closest relationship on this one
note all of Minnie’s siblings are listed as niece/ nephew which is Minnie’s 2nd relationship to Harriett

did a Kinship report for Wesley ( Harriett’s father / Bert and Minnie’s grandfather)
Bert is Wesley’s grandson-- did get the closest relationship on this one
Minnie is SPOUSE of the grandson --instead of GRANDDAUGHTER
note all Minnie’s siblings are listed as grandkids

Have the family in another file and all the Kinship reports are EXACTLY the same EXCEPT for the one on grandfather Wesley which listed Bert as grandson and Minnie as granddaughter-- only difference I can see between the files is that the 1st file has both of Wesley’s wives while the 2nd file has only his 2nd wife ( mother of Harriett and her sister)…
Any ideas anybody???

Thanks for the tip— I imported the original gedcoms into RM 7 ( not the files from RM 8) – it did give the spouses of male descendants correctly BUT all the relationships in my other post for Bert and Minnie came out EXACTLY the same EXCEPT for the 2nd file ( 1 spouse) on the Kinship report for grandfather Wesley–it still says Minnie is the granddaughter BUT says Bert is the spouse of the granddaughter INSTEAD of grandson–doesn’t make any sense

Have you run the Relationship Calculator tool on these combinations? I’ve found that it correctly identifies when two people are not related by blood as well as multiple relationships via different connections. If that’s true in all cases, it would confirm that the Kinship List report needs de-bugging.

So my question back to you is have you tried running a Kinship report on someone that you know has multiple connections?-- if so does all the connections show up in the Kinship report?

What I found when I ran the relationship calculator for Bert and Minnie is that
Bert shows up as son of Harriet and grandson of Wesley
Minnie shows up as niece of Harriet and granddaughter of Wesley…
Bert and Minnie show up as 1st cousins…
note that Bert does NOT show up as nephew of Harriet --which he technically is Harriet’s nephew also.

So in this case, if the Kinship List is showing only the closest relationship–I would think that it should say Spouse instead of first cousin, on Bert son instead of nephew and granddaughter or grandson rather than spouse of grandson/granddaughter…
This file was almost completely written on another program that did show multiple relationships in the Kinship List.

So does it need to be debugged???

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some oddities ( not sure that ‘bugs’ is accurate) in the relationship calculator and/or the kinship report. Married 1st cousins are genetically closer as cousins than as spouses. Which one should be reported? Or both? Should in-laws, too? Programming to calculate all genetic and legal relationships must be very complex…

One more question–I have a man whose Mother was married 4 times–I have this person attached to his Father and Mother BUT not to any of his Step-Fathers–the Relationship Calculator show no relationship–the Kinship List shows that the Man has 4 fathers–is there a way to fix this so that it shows Step-Father?

Thanks Tom
On the Relationship Calculator in RM8 on 1st cousin marriages like this, all the other dual relationships are shown except Mother/ Child-- Bert only shows up as Harriet’s son NOT nephew and son while Bert’s sons show his Mother (Harriett) as their grandmother and grandaunt— the Kinship List shows them as grandsons and Bert as NEPHEW…
Since the Relationship Calculator is for how a person is related to another by blood, I understand it NOT having spouses and in-laws…

BUT a Kinship List show how the person is related to everyone–so it needs to show BOTH–otherwise it should show the CLOSEST relationship and not necessarily the genetic closest relationship—
Minnie as a spouse is a closer relationship than 1st cousin–all of Minnie’s siblings are actually Bert’s 1st cousins also BUT in the Kinship List it says brother-in-law/ sis-in-law–Bert as a Son of Harriet is closer than Bert as a nephew…
Evidently the Kinship list is programmed to calculate all genetic and legal relationships except maybe step-parents instead of Father and Partner instead of Spouse and evidently be picking up on the dual relationships–otherwise there would be no way Bert would be a nephew of his mother and Minnie be the spouse of the grandson instead of granddaughter on their grandfather Wesley

Obviously no one here is going to be able to answer your questions. If you notice, no one from RM is even attempting to touch this question. It might be interesting if you hit them up through the support link where they about have to answer. I would be a bit amused to see how they explain this.