Kinship List for Partners

Can anyone please advise, when producing a “Kinship” list how can I show a couple as being “Partners” as apposed to being “Spouse of”.
Thanks in anticipation.

You would need to save the report as a .docx and edit it in Word to do that.

Hi Renee,

Sorry for the delay, You are wonderful THANK YOU A LOT, never thought of doing what you suggested.

Maybe the development team might consider giving us the choice of showing “PARTNERS” instead of “SPOUSES” in the light of many more unmarried couples seem to be in families, especially as we still need to show the father of a child who did not marry the mother?

Take care my friend, stay safe

Bob Shaw

Oldbury, West Midlands, England

That is really a poor workaround for what is a long unfinished feature, i.e., Relationship Type between couples and between parent and child. RM only went so far as to let you set it but then does absolutely nothing with the data in any of its outputs.