Propagate deletions across treesync

When using treesync, selecting update general information only has options to add additional information. I would like to be able to synchronise deletions from ancestry to rootsmagic and vice versa.

I really do not use TreeShare this way so I can not speak from experience. However, RM work differently compared to FTM if that is what you are familiar with. (I used FTM for over 16 years before switching to RM ). I normally upload a new tree 2-3 times per year. Mostly to get hints.

not sure if this will help in the meantime until a user can advise.

RM doesn’t use TreeSync that’s a different program. We have TreeShare where you can share data back and forth with Ancestry. If you are deleting people they need to be unlinked first. In TreeShare click on Options, Unlink this RootsMagic and Ancestry person. Once unlinked you can highlight either the RM or Ancestry person in the list and select Delete.

Thanks for your reply. I was more interested in the details of a person which i want to synchronise rather than a person, for example when I select a person with general information such as sources or media, deleting them from one side doesnt have an option to delete from the other side.

On the TreeShare screen for both sides there is an option to delete the event, but not for just the note, source or media.