RM9 - Can I sync two copies of a tree in RM9 in my computer

Maybe a strange question- hope I can explain clearly what I want to do- I want to try and synchronise two copies of the same tree in my computer - then update Ancestry?
I am an Editor in my cousin’s Ancestry tree called TREE-A
I have downloaded the Ancestry tree from my cousin to TREE-A-COPY
I have uploaded TREE-A-COPY to my Ancestry account
I now have a duplicate of my cousin’s tree in MY Ancestry account.
He makes changes to his tree and I make changes to my tree

I understand that as soon as I have uploaded the TREE-A-COPY to MY account it has lost its indices to my cousin’s tree. So I download a new copy of his tree and call it TREE-A. This tree I can use to sync back to his tree.

Now I want to be able to synchronise the 2 trees after changes by opening both databases on my computer and somehow sync the two trees to be the same.
Then I can sync the trees back to my Ancestry account and the other back to my cousin’s tree in his account.

Can a sync be done between two trees in my computer?

At the moment I’m having to change something in my Ancestry tree, then make t6he same changes in my cousin’s Ancestry tree - but I don’t see or know about any changes he has made in his Ancestry tree.
My method above is the only way I can think of keeping these two trees in sync.

You’d do

  1. File->Tools->Delete TREE-A-COPY.rmtree
  2. File->Tools->Copy of TREE-A.rmtree as TREE-A-COPY.rmtree.
  3. Delete previous Ancestry TREE-A-COPY
  4. Upload the newly-synched TREE-A-COPY.rmtree as Ancestry TREE-A-COPY.
    Then, for each subsequent synching of TREE-A …Repeat steps 1-4

Thank for reply, but this doesn’t work for me. My Ancestry tree is active with others invited in to see and use it. Deleting it will lose these contacts.
Doing some of my own research in my Ancestry tree and may not want to sync some of these back to my cousin’s tree.

None of my description involves your tree. It’s merely copying your cousin’s tree and directly uploading the equivalent copy. If, instead, you were wanting to “incorporate” your cousin’s tree into your own RootsMagic tree… that is NOT “synching”.

There is no way to do what you wish for easily, with RM or any other tool The best I can imagine would involve two computers (or two instances of RM on one computer and two screens or one very large one) and a lot of inspection. One instance would TreeShare A with your cousin’s Ancestry Tree, the other would TreeShare B with your Ancestry Tree.

Subsequent changes in his online tree would be captured in A’s changed people list. Likewise, changes in your online tree would show up as changed people in your TreeShare. Then by inspection, judicious use of the changed flag and groups and maybe File Compare, you would detect the changes of interest and update the online trees as needed, online, not through TreeShare…

However, I suspect you will find the process onerous, confusing and tail-chasing.

Okay thanks for the replies. I’ll have to leave it as it is. I was just hoping there was a way to sync two .rmtree files loaded side by side.

You can try the Compare Files tool

I’ll play around with that - thank you