Sharing individuals between files

I’m after some help please: I use a Mac and have two separate files in RM10. One for my lineage and one for my husband’s. For our family - (us, our children and grandchildren) is there a way I can copy information from one to the other without having to input everything twice?

Open both files, then (with your pointer) Drag ‘n’ Drop either You or your Spouse and the accompanying dialog will let you mark folks for copying to the other database window.

Thank you very much. That worked well. If I may ask another question will these files automatically update next time I open them if I add new information? Or would I just repeat the previous step?

If You make changes in one, You have to either manually make matching changes to the other file -or- Drag’N’ Drop the individual ontop of the same person in the other file (it will prompt you to continue). There is no auto-synching capability. This gets laborious and prone to forgetfulness or overlooking some elements …that is why it’s actually best to have both yours and your husband’s trees in the same file.

Thank you again for your help kbens0n Everything you’ve written was what I thought, so I will merge them together.