RM9 File Sharing and Dragging Feature

My cousin is sharing an Ancestry Tree with me and assigned me the role of Editor, meaning I can add people to her tree. I uploaded the tree and created a new RM9 file of her Ancestry Tree. I used the Tree Sharing feature and everything worked as expected.
Later, I used the Dragging feature to transfer common branches from my RM9 tree to her newly created RM9 tree, I then tried using the File Sharing feature to update her Ancestry Tree and the new branches wouldn’t transfer to her Ancestry Tree. In a nutshell, if I manually add people to her Ancestry Tree or RM9 tree, the Tree Sharing feature works. But when I use the Dragging feature to transfer people or branches to her RM9 tree, the info isn’t transferred to her Ancestry Tree. Please advise. Thank You.

It doesn’t work like you are trying. You have to use Treeshare and update each data point individually.

See Treshare Help

If the people you dragged and dropped from your tree to hers were linked to your own tree at Ancestry, those links were maintained. In order to update her tree with those people, the links to your tree need to be broken. I would suggest moving the people in common to a third tree, use the “Disconnect from Ancestry Tree” function in Settings, Webhints and then re-add the disconnected people to her tree.