Hello, I have looked in many places to include here, I am sure I am missing it, but I can not find how to shut off the PROBLEM ALERTS for BURIAL notifications. I have many in my RM database that are buried in National Cemeteries, and as most of you know, they do not get buried quickly, my most current example is my relative died, was cremated, and not interned until his spouse died years later. They both did not have interment happen for almost a year after her death. So the PROBLEM ALERTS keeps popping up RED telling me that he did not get burial for 3238 days after death, and hers has 393 days after death. I can click on the NOT A PROBLEM icon and it will only go away while I am currently using RM. But when I log out and log back into RM, all those PROBLEM ALERTS are back RED and glaring at me … driving me a bit crazy. HOW DO I SHUT THOSE BURIAL PROBLEM ALERTS OFF?

I am assuming you are using RM8 or 9 since you did not state otherwise. If so, find the little paint palette looking icon in the upper right, next to the ‘Find Everywhere’ field, click the palette, type Problem and click the option that says ‘Problem List’.

A little over half way down is the ‘Buried more than…’ option. Uncheck the box and hit OK.

Oh my good gosh, thank you so very Kenneth. That is just the shut off for that I was looking all over the place for!!! It could of bit me … right there in front of me … you made it oh so easy. Problem solved and taken care of. Been looking for that solution for a while now, drove me crazy … glad I ended up asking. Thank you again Kenneth.

Doesn’t this still beg the question of why a problem alert for a particular problem comes back on after it has been declared not to be a problem?

Did someone say that they come back on? The OP didn’t but it really wouldn’t surprise me if it did.

I thought the OP did say that: "I can click on the NOT A PROBLEM icon and it will only go away while I am currently using RM. But when I log out and log back into RM, all those PROBLEM ALERTS are back RED ". Did I misunderstand?

That’s exactly what was said and yes you are right–why does it keep coming back-- for me once I say not a problem, it doesn’t appear again UNTIL I rerun the problem search–then they may or may not turn back up

They should not reappear unless there is an error in the program or somehow you are reopening an older version of the database file. There is a table in the file that tracks what you have marked.
ExclusionTable Stores Problem List items indicated by user as Not a problem.

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When yoû mark something as NOT A PROBLEM, it only turns off the problem for that one person. It does not, nor has it ever turned off the warning completely. So if you have another person in your file with the same perceived problem, then you get the warning message again. He said the problem alerts were back, he did not say they were back for the same people he turned them off for.

He also said he logs out and back into RM, which we know that there is no log in and log out on RM. He did not say the alerts were back for the people he marked. As you should know, marking them as not a problem does not turn them off across the board, only for one person so if you encounter another person with that problem, you are still going to get notified of a problem.

Hey all,

The main topic problem for this, has been taken care. With the great instructions given to me on how to turn off the entire alert for burials. Sorry was a bit busy with a couple medical appointments, and did not get right back to this.

I use RM 9. There is a play with wording here, in log in and log out of the program. Just a habit of mine, but I never leave any program/app turned on, left on, left running, etc., I log out/sign off/shut off, etc… And when I go to use the program/app the next time, I log in/sign in/turn on/start up/etc… This is just a habit from using computers since they first came out. Been using them in the military, local government and into private life (for genealogy … YEAH!) And for RM, a must do thing because of the ERROR problem that is still an issue, which I have listed in this message at the end.

And yes, whenever I use the NOT A PROBLEM icon button, and then log out of the program, when I return back, the RED pops are back up on ANY profile I had clicked them on. Now I do not know if this has anything to do with it, but … Due to the ongoing other problem I have, of the ERROR with the ARGUMENT OUT OF RANGE. A couple of times a day, depending on how much I use RM, I have to go to TOOLS, use the DATABASE TOOLS, then use BACKUP, and log out. Otherwise RM is not happy and starts to not want to work!

If you have to force RM closes it will lose setting changes made during that session. If you are having argument out of range errors make sure to open a support ticket with a copy of the database and the steps to reproduce it.