Photos don't work correctly for reports in RM9 with Mac Sonoma

Since I upgraded to Mac Sonoma the reporting functions in RM 9 such as “Ancestor Chart” and “Individual summary” will not work for many of my person files unless I remove the primary photo of the person in the individual file. If I remove the photo, or de-list it as a primary photo, these reporting functions work once again.
These reporting functions work on some files with photos and not with others, so it appears to random to the individual file.I have checked all the photos and there are no broken links, and I have run the “fix link” function anyway…still no luck. I have checked the media paths and they are listed correctly to the file on my computer which holds the photo. All photos are .jpg photos and all more or less the same approximate size.
I am thinking there is a problem with some of the reporting functions in RM9 regarding Mac Sonoma versions when a photo is involved…all reporting functions which do not use photos work fine…the Individual Summary and Ancestor Chart however work for some person files and not others. Any ideas? Thanks.

Maybe there are differences in the image rendering functions among the report engines. Perhaps triggered by some different limit on image size or by some other variable in file or image properties. You would need to record the properties of both pass and fail photos to detect a pattern.

Thanks, I will will try that.
However, as an aside, all photos worked in the reporting functions in previous versions of Mac…the problem only started when I upgraded to Sonoma…Catalina, Big Sur, Ventura and some upgrades I likely forgot had no problem with the photos in my Roots Magic.

That does put a different light on the issue.

Maybe you should put together a small test database that uses some of these problem files. If the issue persists in it, make a backup with media and submit it to RM with a support request.