People Not Removed From Group After Uncheck Box

Database (Imported from v7) has a glitch in Group.
Unchecked the box to remove various people from a Group but it didn’t take. They still are checked.
Closed database, closed RM, opened database and still in Group.
Made a different group with same parameters using Free-Form. Same results, can’t remove people.
Went back to v7 and can’t get people out of the same group. Unchecked box but comes back.
So I made yet another group using the Saved Criteria and same parameters. Voila, I can now remove people. The box remains unchecked.
Just wanted to point this out as I found a solution but others might encounter this.
The Leprechauns are up to their tricks.

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I’m wondering if your group in RM7 was corrupted. That can happen if it was left blank at any point. This “corrupt” group could be why it was having issues removing individuals, etc. even in RM9. In RM9 this corruption should not happen because you are allowed to create blank groups for future use.

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Thought the same thing since I can remove some of them in 7. That is why I was surprised when I created a new group in 9, I got similar results.
Thanks for quick response. You guys are the best!

Can you make other changes? Is the database in ReadOnly mode (look at title bar)?

Except for the problem Renee was describing, unchecking the box does work very reliably for me. Were you doing the uncheck using the Groups tab in the left side panel, or were you doing the uncheck from inside the Edit Person screen using the Groups line towards the top of the screen?

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Yes I can remove other people from various groups and add to other groups.

Unchecked from within the Edit Person screen.
Can add people to other groups and remove them too.
Once you are a member of this 1 group you can never leave … might have to rename it to Black Hole Group :).
The new group works as it should (Saved Criteria) so I will delete the one that doesn’t work. FYI it’s a group of burials in a particular cemetery that when I find their memorial, I take them out of that group so it gets smaller.

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Save a backup of the file with the bad group. It would be interesting to figure out exactly what went wrong.
Probably something in the TagTable.

I assume that the database passed the integrity test. Right?
Also, did you check that there is not another group with exactly the same name?

Yea something went kerflooey. I D&D everyone into a new database, created the group I needed and it functioned as it should. Removed people, added people, etc. Just strange that in v9 I had same results when I created a new group.