RM8, Additions and Deletions to a Group Do Not Show Up in a Timely Fashion

This one was too complicated to describe in words. So I made a “short” video that turned longer than I wanted at 4:22. The link is Adding and Deleting People From a Group in RM8

The video is a little messy and sloppy. I’m sure that’s partly because of my presentation skills being not as good as I would like. But I think it’s also because this particular situation actually is a little messy and sloppy.

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I also see a person not leaving the group right away after I unchecked them.

The whole system of creating and choosing people to make a group is very awkward and not easy to figure out without a bunch of trial and error.

For whatever it’s worth, my personal workflow to remove a single person from a group has become to do it from with the Edit Person screen. The process is clunky and slow, but it works 100% of the time, unlike doing it from the Groups tab in the left side panel.

I’ve been moving a person from one group to the other using the person list - click on person, uncheck group in left panel, check new group then click back on person name and take your time about going to the next person. That seems to make it stick but it is a bit slow.