Delete all persons in a Group [RM*8]

In order to avoid the loss/corruption of data that happens when I split a file into two or more components using Drag n Drop or Copy/Paste, I want to approach the split by making a copy of the entire file then deleting the People who are not relevant to the new file.

I can identify / isolate the people using Groups, and bring them up onscreen with the People List view.
However, the only Delete options in that view seem to be either Individual or Family. Am I missing something?

I hoped to see, for example, a box like there is in the Index opposite a person’s name that I can mark to include that person in a Group. I had hoped to see a similar function such that I could bulk mark the boxes for all the person’s who are listed for that Group then Delete them with one command. [This “bulk marking” could work like Ctrl-A[ll] or a box at the top of the list like in file Manager, which when marked would mark all the detail boxes.]

If the bulk Delete is not available from the People List View, is that function perhaps available elsewhere in RM8?

Note: I didn’t suggest this as a feature-request, since I presume RM8 will not receive any further development. I’m just hoping that the function is there somewhere and that I just haven’t been able to find it!

Does anyone happen to know if this functionality is built in to RM9?

Yes, it is in RM9; watch the introductory videos for RM9 to see if it will meet your needs.
[RootsMagic-YouTube channel]

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