Delete a branch of people from RM7 tree

Is there a way to easily delete an entire branch of people from my tree using RootsMagic 7? If so, what are the steps?

I want to give a RM database to someone but want to delete all of my ancestors including descendants of all those people.


Not in RM7. There is an easy way to do it in RM9.

Well, there sort of is a way to do it in RM7. You can make a GEDCOM of the people you want to keep. As a part of the process of making your GEDCOM, you first mark everybody to keep. Next, you unmark everybody you want to “delete”. Then you make your GEDCOM. Nobody is actually deleted from your database. It’s just that they are not included in the GEDCOM. Then you give your GEDCOM to the person who needs it.

This marking and unmarking of which I speak usually does not require you to mark each person individually. Rather, you can do things like “mark all descendants of John Doe” or “mark all descendants of John Doe for 5 generations”, that sort of thing. The marking is all in one go without you needing to mark each person individually. If the available kinds of markings won’t work for you, then this project will not be very easy either in RM7 or in RM9.

Thanks Jerry. I can also use RootsMagic 9 since I have it but don’t use it much. You mentioned an easier way in RM9. Can you please also explain that method?

Delete Everyone in a Group, on Tools page under Group Tools.

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