A couple features to improve RM9

I am currently engaged in a mass update for a one name study and have found that it would be nice if:

  • RM9 had the facility to TAB through the fields, or move to the next field in the Data Calculator
  • When adding a spouse, having either a button of checkbox to auto create married names. Could be switch in the settings and turn off a record level when not required.
  • Adding shortcuts to the YES and NO buttons on the Delete Person dialog,
  • Setting focus on buttons in dialogs so that the enter key can be used to action rather than having to dive for the mouse every time.
  • Fixing an issue with ‘Delete everyone in a group’. It doesn’t appear to clear the counter. I deleted a group with 15 people in it and the message dialog reported 362 people to be deleted. I had been deleting records progressively during the session to get to this number. Deleted another 2 and the message dialog reported 364 people are to be deleted.

Confirming requests have been reported to development.

On adding a married name for spouse, I just finished a project of deleting all the alternate names that Legacy added to my file years ago. RM will search for people by married name without having it as an alternate name. It’s under Search, Person Search. There is also a filter for Surname (Birth or Marr).

On deleting a group I’m not sure what count you are referring to. If I check how many people are in the database and the group size when I delete the group using Tools the numbers match, both on how many it says are deleted and how many were left in the database.

Checked the search by married name and works fine. Thanks for the tip.
On the issue regarding deleting groups, Start a new session and add 2 people to a group named “Done”, they being the only 2 in the group. I run the Group Tool ‘Delete everyone in a group’ , select the group to delete and the confirmation dialog states:
'Delete everyone in the “done” group
This will delete everyone in the done group (442 people). Are you sure you want to do this?"
I select “Delete every one in the group” button and a message dialog pops up reporting “Deleted 442 people form your file” . I check the enhanced properties list and find that the number of people has only decreased by 2, the 2 people actually in the group.
Two questions confound me. Why is it not displaying the actual number of people in the group?, and why is the number of people reported not clearing after performing the action?. It appears to be cumulative figure stored somewhere, not cleared when the program is closed.

Try running the database tools under File, Tools or on the Tools page. The count for how many are in the group should be reflected correctly when you Edit the Group.

Reopened the database file, added 2 items to the empty group and the count in the Edit Group dialog increased to 444. The index list for the group shows only the 2 records added.
Applied all of the database tools under File and the count remains the same.
I can see this issue causing some doubt people when deleting groups.


This is normal behavior at all. Was this a group you had in RM7 with this database? Did you ever let it go empty? If so the group itself could be corrupted. That would happen in RM7. Delete this group in RM9 and create a new one to work with. If you have other groups once used in RM7 and left empty at any point you will want to delete those too.

It was a group created in RM9. I deleted the problem group and undertook the following:

Added 6 items to a new group, ran ‘Tools > Delete everyone in a group’, the item count correctly showed 6 records, deleted them and reported 6 items were deleted. The index displayed no items remained in the group.

Added 3 items to the same group, ran ‘Tools > Delete everyone in a group’, the item count now incorrectly showed 9 records, selected delete and reported 9 items were deleted although there was only 3. The index displayed no items remained in the group.

Ran ‘Tools > Delete everyone in a group’ without adding any more people to the group and the item count incorrectly showed 9 records; selected delete and reported 9 items were deleted although there were none to delete and nothing was deleted.

Something is defiantly wrong.

Very good descriptions. So far I have determined the count isn’t clearing until you click on Select People after deleting. I still have some testing to check out the Saved criteria, but I will get everything reported to development when done.

Update: Saved criteria has the refresh button so that’s not an issue.