No mother and error report

I enter a child. I highlight the father in blue. I also see the mother. When I enter the child using the plus tab and child it goes to an unknown mother. I have to unlink from unknown and link with father and known mother. Even I cannot remember how I link them correctly. Crazy.
Oh by the way. I am loosing links posting with a gedcom. Geneanet brought that to my attention recently. They save my uploads and do a compare on links.

Almost everytime I try to close RM I have to send in an error report. Does anybody read them. When I do I notice the right side is blank.

There’s two approaches “programmed” into adding parents to a child in RM. Either use Add Parents which is automated to add both in one helper operation -or- using the plus tabs which only adds one parent at a time and makes you do the work of ensuring the parents are linked as spouses.

Yes, we are receiving the error reports. Send in all that you receive. There is information you are not seeing that comes with the report. If you have specific steps that cause an error we would like that information also. Open a support ticket with those steps, you only need to report the same steps once.

That error report is occurring more frequently. It happens when I try to close the program using the right corner X.

Make sure you are on verison 8.2.0.

Are you really going to say that. I am still sending error reports. There is no other way to close the program. I am forced to click the RED highlighted X to close and that is when I send an error report. I should say RM generates an error report.

Just a heads up that Windows users can additionally right-click on the program’s task bar icon and choose Close window -or- use the Alt-F4 key combination and choose Close window.

I suppose they will continue to see error reports in their in box.

Hey, Tony, are you from San Antonio?

Yes. I have been here since 1973.